Paintings by Olav Schiedel

ohne Titel, Acryl auf Karton, 50x65 cm, 2020 / Acrylmalerei
ohne Titel, Tusche auf Karton, 30x40 cm, 2020 / Tuschemalerei
Unsaints #060, Digital NFT, 2021 / Digital Mixed Media
Silberauge, Holz, 20x30x7 cm, 1997 / Holzbildhauerei

I give the viewers possibilities of interpretation rather than concrete representation

As a child I could spend hours by looking at wall tiles, linoleum floors or veneered furniture.In my imagination, knightly figures emerged from the fallen veneer of my room door, the structures in the floor became distant landscapes like in books and every tile in the bathroom told its own story.

In the bustle of everyday life, we adults often are not able to find the time for daydreaming, to let our imagination run free. Some even forget how to do it.

With my art I consciously deceive our visual perception. Over the years, the focus has been more and more on enabling misinterpretations and deliberately provoking them. My pictures do not reveal their secrets at first sight: They encourage to let the imagination run free again. In my works I give the viewers possibilities of interpretation rather than concrete representation. This leads the viewer to very different associations, which fascinates me again and again.

Enjoy my pictures.

Olav Schiedel

The artist Olav Schiedel

Künstler-Paderborn Olav Schiedel

Foto: Christine Sambale

With my art I explore the boundaries between abstract and figurative perception. In doing so, I remain deliberately unspecific and fragmentary and allow the viewer various associations. Most people see faces and ghostly figures in my paintings, which I also suggest in part schematically. Contours and backgrounds at first feign a secure view. But this dissolves into a new variety of parts as we approach. From this our perception assembles new random bodies. I make targeted use of the fact that our perception wants to recognize supposed faces in shapes and contours.

The topics of "Sensory Deception & Visual Perception" have been on my mind since the beginning of my artistic work.

Olav Schiedel

I was born in 1974 in Rheda-Wiedenbrück and live and work in Paderborn, Germany. After an apprenticeship as a carpenter, I graduated in 1999. From 1998 to 2002 I prepared myself autodidactically in various painting techniques for a teacher training course in the field of art. Between 2002 and 2004 I studied to become an art teacher at the university of Paderborn under Prof. Franz Billmeyer, Prof. Jutta Ströter-Bender, Prof. Franz-Josef Keyenburg with the main focus on sculpture, painting and etching. After completing studies early, from 2005 to 2016 I worked as an entrepreneur outside the art business. Since the end of 2019, new works in acrylic and ink, as well as digital collages and animations are created


-2022 group exhibition "Kunst des Scheiterns", Peter-Weiss-Haus, Rostock
-2022 Exhibition "Tusche" with Andreas Wilhelm Wien, Raum für Kunst Paderborn
-2022 group exhibition "Begleitausstellung offene Ateliers", Kunstverein Paderborn
-2021 group exhibition "Neunter Paderborner Wintersalon", Raum für Kunst Paderborn
-2021 solo exhibition "Faces", Monkey-Gallery Paderborn
-2021 group exhibition due to the Paderborn Museum Day, Kunstverein Paderborn
-2021 window exhibition, Akka Paderborn
-2020 group exhibition Libori Spezial ART20 (european ARTISTS e.V.), Kunstverein Paderborn
Triptych in primary colours, format 20x20 cm each, acrylic on canvas, catalogue numbers 2020-07-37 to 39 as contribution to the ART20 project in 2020
-2008 solo exhibition St. Vinzenz Hospital Wiedenbrück, Germany
-2004 group exhibition "Atelier 2" in the Kulturwerkstatt Paderborn, Germany
-2003 solo exhibition "Delusion and Vision" at Art & Antik in Paderborn, Germany
-2003 group exhibition together with students of the University of Paderborn 20 years town twinning in the Hotel Gromada, Przemysl, Poland
-2002 group exhibition together with students of the University of Paderborn "BOOKS IN MOTION: BOOK-MATERIAL-OBJECT" in the library of the Ruhr-Uni-Bochum, Germany

If you are interested in my work or for other issues, please feel free to contact me. Mail: post@olav-schiedel.art