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Unsaints #100 Artist: Olav Schiedel
Unsaints #100 Artist: Olav Schiedel
Unsaints #100 Artist: Olav Schiedel

Unsaints NFT-Collection 2021

The basis of these digital-art collages are small-format ink paintings. While the first works of this series of hundreds were being created, the results reminded me in their visual language of images of saints from the Catholic church. Only that my figures do not seem so holy at all. Thus the term 'Unsaints' for these un-saintly images was born. The completed series #001 to #100 is available on the NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Unsaints #007

NFT-Art Unsaints #007 / Artist: Olav Schiedel Unsaints NFT-Collection

Unsaints #008

NFT-Art Unsaints #008 / Artist: Olav Schiedel

OpArt animated NFT-Collection 2021

The topics of sensory illusion & perception occupy me since the beginning of my artistic activity. This also includes the subject area OpArt. After I could see in 2001 in Glasgow works of Bridget Riley in the original followed an intensive examination of her work and that of Victor Vasarely and Franco Grignani. In my OpArt Animated series I bring my OpArt experience into the 3D space. You can find the series onOpenSea.


In March 2021, it hit the news: Christie's auctioned a digital artwork by Beeple for $69 million. After realizing the potential and possibilities of non-fungible tokens, it was clear that I too wanted to get in on this new way of trading art.

NFT-Art - Pros and Cons

Initially, the regular art business came to a standstill because of the Corona pandemic. Thus, the search for new sales opportunities was necessary. With non-fungible tokens as a digital certificate of authenticity, working on digital art now brings long-term benefits as it becomes sellable and tradable. Additionally, as an artist, I also earn on sales on the secondary market on each subsequent transaction. This makes the NFT-ART almost revolutionary. Incidentally, the NFT market ensures that a whole new collector scene develops alongside the classic collectors.

What is unfortunate is the currently still high power consumption. I hope that the changes that have been announced, such as the switch to the proof-of-stake process, will significantly reduce the power consumption per transaction.


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